The Impressive Brief History of Menstruation Products

The Impressive Brief History of Menstruation Products

Nowadays, we have a lot of choices but things haven't always been so easy for us females throughout history. Have you ever pondered how menstruation products even started to become as comfortable as it is now?

Back in the 1800s, menstrual cloths made from flannel or woven cotton were the standard in both Europe and North America. However, due to poor washing between wear, concerns about bacterial development posed a threat, thus paving the way to develop a new menstrual tool.

In the year 1870, menstrual products such as an Elastic Doily Belt–a silk and elastic belt that you have to connect a pad–and an Antiseptic and Absorbent Pad were created.

Ladie's Dolie Belt
Image via The Federal

By 1921, Kotex had become the first sanitary napkin to be effectively mass-marketed.

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