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"The pads are sooo comfy to wear. The texture is so soft and smooth, it doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing one!"

Washable Cloth Pads

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Washable Cloth Pads

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Our cloth pads are made with a 100% un-dyed cotton quilt that’s perfect for sensitive and rash-prone skin. 

You also won’t have a hard time removing blood stains thanks to the cloth’s micro-holes 💗"

It is available in 3 sizes: the Day Pad, the Night Pad, and the Liner

All three sizes have been created to match the Regular, Night, and Panty Liners that one can easily find in local stores

Day Pad: 22 cm

Night Pad: 27cm

Liner: 19cm

Head on to the Cloth Pad care guide *insert link *to learn the proper way of caring for your Aunt Flo Washable Cloth Pads




Customer Reviews

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Justin Diego

Washable Cloth Pads


The liners arsorb well and are comfortable to wear. It's also easy to wash and remove stains on the cotton quilt. The only downside is that the quilt on the wings also absorb blood, so there's a chance it might transfer to my garment. I won't chance to use this when going out, which is a shame.

Designs are cute

Bought these as my first foray into reusable napkins. Designs are cute and hopefully prevent tagos.

Can't wait to use them next cycle

Good quality naman :)

received it earlier than expected! havent tested it yet but i hope it's comfy, thank you seller! looks like good quality naman :)

super ganda ng quality ng cloth pads

this is my first time to use washable cloth pads and grabe parang wala lang! i thought cloth pads are uncomfy pero i guess super ganda ng quality ng cloth pads ni aunt flo ❤️ i would definitely buy more soon <33 super accommodating din ni seller grabe ang perfect talaga ng aunt flo hihi